What You Should Know If Your Spouse Was Injured

A personal injury claim doesn’t just impact one person. If your spouse has been in a slip-and-fall accident, vehicular accident, or work-related accident, you may wonder how it will impact you and your family. Read on to learn a few things that you need to know about personal injury claims that involve your spouse.


Do You Need Witness Testimony for Car Accident Claims?

As you develop a case for your car accident claim, you should never devalue the importance of witness statements. In many instances, a witness statement is what will ultimately turn the case in your favor. Without added testimony, the entire case could hinge on your word against the word of the defendant. For this reason, witness testimonies are crucial to your claim.


What You Should Know About Medical Privacy Violation

Female doctor holding application form while consulting patientIf your private contact, financial, or medical data gets into the wrong hands, you may face threats ranging from the public exposure of embarrassing information to identity theft and the draining of money from your bank account. Unfortunately, breaches of privacy can and do happen despite privacy laws and medical institutions’ efforts to comply with them. (more…)

Pedestrian–Car Accidents: What You Need to Know

A car accident that involves a pedestrian can have catastrophic results. An accident victim may have serious, life-altering injuries which can even lead to death. A victim of a pedestrian–car accident will have massive expenses as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.


Who Is at Fault For A Pedestrian/Automobile Accident?

Have you been involved in an accident with a moving vehicle while you were a pedestrian? Pedestrian/automobile accidents are very dangerous and often result in injuries that require compensation. But one key element you must resolve before you can get that compensation is to determine who is at fault.