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Queens Subway Injury Attorney Helping Injured New Yorkers’ Obtain Compensation

Did you know that you can sue for injuries that were sustained during an accident that occurred on the New York subway? A Queens subway injury attorney can help you hold the Transit Authority responsible for harmful incidents that occurred in the subway. Keep reading to find out how you can build a case for subway-related injuries.

Subway Accidents and Queens Subway Injury Attorney

Queens Subway Injury Attorney | MTA Injury Lawyer | Shaevitz & ShaevitzThe subway may seem relatively safe, but there are thousands of injuries that occur across the numerous station platforms throughout the year. More than 50 people are killed each year around subway lines, so you can see that they are not entirely safe. When subway accidents happen, you aren’t on your own. A Queens subway injury lawyer can help you sue if you are involved in one of these accidents.

Filing A Lawsuit After A New York Subway Accident

The statute of limitations in New York limits the amount of time you have to file a suit after suffering an accident in the subway system. This means time is of the essence when you are hoping to sue the Transit Authority or another at-fault party.

The process that you will need to follow to sue after a subway accident varies depending on the reason you are suing. For example, if you were aboard a subway train that derailed, you will need to prove negligence in the operation of the subway was the cause of the accident. If you are robbed at gunpoint while waiting for a train or slip and fall on stairs, you will need to prove that security or other subway-related services did not do their job to keep you safe.

The Queens subway injury attorneys at Shaevitz and Shaevitz Law Firm will help you determine if your incident warrants a lawsuit, then we will help you take your claim to court if necessary. No matter what your circumstances, we have the experience and knowledge to help you claim compensation from the at-fault party.

Train Derailment Lawsuits With The Help of Queens Subway Injury Attorney

In the case of a train derailment, you will need to show that negligent actions directly led to your injuries. While it may be true that a single person or agency can be liable in some cases, there are often multiple parties at fault in train derailment accidents. For example, if a subway worker leaves a piece of rail between the tracks, that worker would be at fault, but people in the chain of command may also be liable as well. For instance, if the worker was told by someone in the Transit Authority to leave the rail behind, then the worker would only be partly responsible for the accident.

There are other factors that could help ascertain liability as well. Like if the subway train had a faulty braking system that was not adequately maintained or repaired, the derailment could potentially have been avoided. A Queens injury lawyer can help you connect all of the dots to determine who was liable for the train derailment lawsuit accident you were injured in.

Why Hire A Queens Subway Accident Lawyer

When you have to file a lawsuit against a public organization, like the Transit Authority, you want to be as well prepared as possible. A subway accident lawyer will thoroughly review your case to help you build the most viable claim possible. Remember, without evidence of negligence, you may be unable to collect monetary damages.

Therefore, you should enter your legal claim with the aid of a Queens subway accident lawyer from Shaevitz and Shaevitz Law Firm. They are experts in New York injury law, so you can trust them to help you collect the best possible settlement. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation with one of our talented attorneys.

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