Winter Slip and Fall Accidents in NYC

Winter Slip and Fall Accidents in NYC | Shaevitz & Shaevitz

Winter Slip and Fall Accidents in NYC

When winter arrives, though some people are excited to experience the snowy wonderland that follows, many others have a more negative feeling about it. Snow and ice can be a hassle for people, especially those who are active outside. Most people will need to walk outside in the winter at some point, and if the sidewalks and walkways are not paved or treated with deicer, slip and fall accidents can occur. In the boroughs of New York City, finding an area that has been fully cleared of snow and ice can be difficult. Whether you’re walking on public property or passing over the sidewalk of someone’s home, there is always risk of an ice slip. If you experience winter slip and fall accidents in NYC, you may be eligible for compensation. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Queens slip and fall attorney at Shaevitz & Shaevitz today.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Though many different injuries can come from a slip and fall accident in NYC, some are more common than others. The most common injuries from slipping or falling during the winter include muscle sprains or strains, bone fracture or breakage, back injuries, and head or brain injuries. Sprains and strains are injuries of the soft connective tissue of the body. When some slips or falls, they tend to outstretch their hands or misstep which lead to tissue injuries in the hands and feet.

Slip & Fall Injuries on Ice or SnowSimilarly, bone fractures and breakage occur when you take a hard fall, and the type and severity of breakage depends on how you land when you fall. Next, back injuries are common in the winter when those who slip land on their back.

This force can lead to fractured or damaged vertebrae and spinal cord pressure. If not taken care of promptly, long-term damage can result from this. Similarly, and often most severely, head and brain injuries can occur if a winter slip accident occurs. If your head hits the ground first, or if your head slams into the ground after falling, a variety of head and brain injuries can occur ranging from contusions and concussions to a broken skull.

If you have experienced any of the aforementioned injuries, or an injury not mentioned, from slipping and falling in NYC during the winter, you may be able to have your expenses covered.

Who is Responsible for Winter Slip and Fall Accidents in NYC?

One question that people often have after being involved in a winter slip accident is who is responsible or at fault for your injury. Is it you because you lost your footing? Is it the city? Or is it the property owner? The answer isn’t always simple, and it can take some digging with the help of an experienced Queens injury attorney.

A more straightforward example of responsibility is if you slip and fall on your neighbor’s sidewalk. In this case, while you may be hesitant to report a claim against your neighbor, it’s important to recognize that this is what property insurance is for. Property insurance will be the point person for your injury coverage. Additionally, your health is most important, so filing a claim is essential to maintaining your wellbeing.

Compensatory and Punitive Damages for Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

In the case of a winter slip and fall accident in NYC, there are two types of damages present: compensatory and punitive. Compensatory damages are any out-of-pocket costs you pay for your injuries, as well as costs related to your emotional damages. Compensatory damages include but are not limited to current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Alternatively, punitive damages refer to punishing a company for their recklessness. The goal of punitive damages is to prevent similar negligence in the future, as it holds companies accountable for their actions. Talking to an experienced attorney can help you understand the process of filing a personal injury claim after a winter slip and fall accident in NYC.

Hire an Attorney Today

If you have experienced a slip and fall accident in New York City during the winter, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn next. With Shaevitz and Shaevitz, our team of Queens slip and fall attorneys can guide you through the personal injury claim process and help you get compensation for everything you deserve. For a free consultation or to ask us any questions, contact us today for your next steps.

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