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Have you been injured in Brooklyn because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness? Perhaps you sustained injuries from a car accident on Atlantic Avenue while driving from Prospect Heights to Weeksville. Maybe you have suffered because of a medical injury following treatment at Mount Sinai Brooklyn or New York-Presbyterian Medical Group Brooklyn Park Slope. Or possibly, you experienced a slip and fall accident while working in Bushwick. The Brooklyn Injury Lawyers at Shaevitz & Shaevitz law offices will help you seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorneys - Shaevitz & Shaevitz - Accident Lawyers Personal injuries can range from annoying and painful to dangerous and potentially deadly. No matter the type of injury you have suffered, you have the right to pursue financial compensation.

You deserve to have skilled Brooklyn injury lawyers fight for you. Finding the right legal expert to handle your personal injury case is crucial. If your accident was the result of another party’s negligence, you can seek compensation to cover the costs associated with your injury.

Contact the experienced legal team at Shaevitz & Shaevitz Law Offices to consult with our knowledgeable Brooklyn injury lawyers. We will work hard to secure the maximum compensation possible in your personal injury case.

Seeking Damages in your Brooklyn Personal Injury Case

When you have been hurt, you will likely face stress from more than just the physical aspects of your injury. Many victims need to take time away from work to recover. At the same time, their medical bills continue to increase rapidly.

The extra financial pressure combined with the physical stress of medical treatments and recovery can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our experienced Brooklyn injury lawyers can help you to financially recover and get your life back on track.

You can seek compensation for all the costs, losses, and damages that resulted from your injury. If you are the victim of someone else’s negligence, you should not face the financial challenges alone.

In personal injury cases, victims often seek financial recovery for the following damages:

Medical Bills and Expenses – Medical care and treatment are very expensive. Even in cases where an insurance provider cooperates, they are unlikely to cover every recommended medication or treatment. Unfortunately, the medical costs from an accidental injury often skyrocket. Victims should seek financial recovery for their medical expenses from the party that caused their accident.

Additionally, victims sometimes forget that their injury could require long-term or continuous care. If your accident requires ongoing medical treatment, you can seek financial compensation for future medical expenses. Assistive equipment, such as wheelchairs, should also be the financial responsibility of the negligent party.
Lost Wages and Decreased Earning Potential – As we mentioned above, some victims are unable to work while they are recovering. This adds to the mounting financial pressure from their injury. Our experienced Brooklyn injury lawyers will seek damages for the wages the victim missed because of the accident.

Some injuries permanently prevent the victim from performing former job functions. Beyond compensation for the wages that the victim has already missed, a skilled attorney will seek financial recovery for the victim’s loss of long-term earning potential.
Pain and Suffering – While medical bills and lost wages are easy to calculate, other damages from an injury do not involve a direct monetary loss. The pain and suffering experienced by a victim present a significant cost, even though they are difficult to quantify.

Damages that do not present a specific amount of monetary loss are known as “non-economic damages.” A personal injury lawsuit should take into account non-economic damages, including pain and suffering.

These three categories of damages are very broad. Every accident is unique. Each personal injury lawsuit must account for the specifics of the victim’s situation. The skilled Brooklyn injury lawyers at Shaevitz & Shaevitz Law Offices will review the facts of your personal injury case and help you to effectively pursue the compensation that you deserve.

Types of Cases Our Brooklyn Injury Attorneys Handle

Whether you are a visitor or resident, there are practically endless ways that personal injuries can occur in Brooklyn. As a borough with a population of over 2.5 million people, there are a range of hazardous conditions and situations in Brooklyn every day.

Although no two accidents are exactly alike, some types of accidents are particularly likely to result in personal injuries. At Shaevitz & Shaevitz Law Offices, we handle all types of personal injury cases. Some of the most common include:

In November 2020, New York City saw 8,894 motor vehicle collisions. Over 3,000 of those accidents resulted in injuries or death. Unfortunately, personal injuries are a common occurrence. If you have been injured, contact the trusted Brooklyn injury lawyers at Shaevitz & Shaevitz Law Offices.

Determining Liability in Personal Injury Cases

When you are hurt, the first place you will need to seek financial compensation is with your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance provider. Speaking with a legal professional is crucial before dealing with an insurance adjuster. Insurance companies are not operating with your best interests in mind. Adjusters can be uncooperative or even engage in bad faith business practices.

Even in the case of a cooperative insurance provider, the costs from your accident may exceed the maximum coverage of your insurance policies. When that happens, you can still seek financial compensation from those who caused your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit.

Experienced Brooklyn injury lawyers can assess the circumstances of your case to help you determine who bears liability for your accident. Below, we discuss a few examples liability in relation to various types of accidents:

Car Accident Liability – In the event of a car accident, the at-fault driver will bear some legal liability. However, a commercial driver’s employer may also share responsibility. Additionally, auto manufacturers may be at-fault if the accident was the result of a defective component.
Medical Injury Liability – Healthcare professionals who are negligent or careless can cause injuries to their patients. A misdiagnosis may cause long-term health problems. When this happens, that healthcare professional can be held liable through a medical malpractice suit. Other potentially liable parties include medical device manufacturers, drug companies, and health care facility owners.
Defective Product Liability – When a product causes a consumer to be hurt, the manufacturer bears legal liability. The shipping company, retailers, and other companies that are responsible for the hazardous product may also be held accountable.

Each personal injury case is unique. Determining the legal liability for your injury is a complex process. Our Brooklyn injury lawyers can help you determine who is responsible and pursue the compensation that you are rightfully owed.

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