Insurance Companies Involved in Truck Accidents

Insurance Companies Involved in Truck Accidents Queens Injury Lawyers

Some of the worst accidents on the road involve trucks. If you have suffered a serious injury in a truck accident, you deserve full compensation for your damages. The insurance companies are who we hold financially responsible for your damages. Please keep reading to learn more about how our Queens truck accident lawyers fight for you to get full compensation. We would be happy to take your call right away to schedule a free consultation with you.

Damages You Are Entitled to from Insurance Companies

When you are hurt in a truck accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation from their insurance company.

The insurance company will be held responsible for fulfilling your settlement award.

There are two types of damages you are entitled to: economic and non-economic damages.

Your economic damages include financial losses such as medical expenses, lost wages/benefits, and travel expenses (if they are related to your truck accident injury). Economic damages extend beyond these damages as well. Essentially, you can receive compensation from insurance companies for any financial loss that is related to your truck accident.

Non-economic damages are a bit harder to pin down as no bill or paystub can show how your injuries have affected your life. Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering, decreased life quality, mental health issues, and more.

Our Queens injury lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights to a fair settlement.

What Insurance Companies Could Be Involved?

When you are in a truck accident, it is up to your lawyer to determine who/what caused the accident. We consider multiple avenues when determining who the liable party is. The insurance company that is financially responsible for your damages will depend on what happened.

If the truck driver was the cause of the accident and they worked as a contract employee, you may be pursuing compensation from their insurance.

If the trucking company is at fault for your accident, your lawyer will likely be going up against the company’s insurance. These insurance companies are notorious for being difficult to deal with, so hiring a skilled lawyer is essential.

Sometimes the manufacturer of the truck itself is the reason you were hurt in an accident. In that case, the manufacturer’s insurance company is going to be held financially responsible for your compensation.

How Our Lawyers Can Deal with Insurance Companies

One of the best things you can do after your accident is to let your lawyer deal with the insurance company. Our Queens lawyers have been dealing with them for years, and we understand their tactics.

They try to delay the process to get you to agree to an unfair settlement. These insurance companies see you as desperate and foolish. They hope you won’t know better and will take whatever is first offered to you. The first offers they extend are typically a fraction of what they genuinely owe you.

They will reach out to you and act friendly to get you to talk about your accident. Their polite act is a trap they use to get you to say something on record they can use against you to reduce the settlement award they offer you.

Our job is to make this process easier and protect you from their tactics. We are dedicated to the fight for a fair settlement award.

Request a Free Consultation with Our Queens Injury Lawyers

If you have any questions regarding how we handle insurance companies in pursuit of justice for our clients, give us a call. Our Queens injury lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured victims. We would be happy to walk you through how a case is won during a free consultation. Call our office to schedule yours today.

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