Can I Collect For Emotional Damages?

Were you involved in an accident in New York and are suffering emotional or psychological damages as a result? Watch this video by attorney Oliver Shaevitz to learn how we can help you collect for emotional damages associated with your injuries.

Not all damages from an injury involve a direct monetary loss. The harms done by an injury that are difficult to quantify are known as “non-economic damages.” The distress, psychological anguish, and daily difficulties caused by an accident are non-economic damages. These are very real and important costs to the victim.

Yes, there can be recovery from emotional damage. Many times, people are traumatized by injuries resulting from an accident and they need to seek the services of psychologist or psychiatrist and of course all that enters into the case.

For instance, how much should you be compensated if you are unable to pick up your young child without pain? How much are you owed if you can no longer easily play with a pet or jog comfortably? An experienced New York injury lawyer at Shaevitz & Shaevitz can assist you in determining the non-economic damages in your case.

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