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If you have been seriously hurt in a car accident, you may be wondering how you can get justice. It can be incredibly discouraging to be involved in an accident. Your life has likely been negatively changed in many ways. If you believe you have a claim, don’t hesitate to call a Queens car accident lawyer from us today.

Please keep reading if you need to learn more about how we can bring justice for car accident cases. We have been helping bring justice for our community for many years. If you want full results for your case, do not hesitate to give us a call to set up a free consultation.

Can I File a Car Accident Claim?

There are certain requirements that need to be determined before you can know whether or not you have a case.

In New York State, you can only file a claim against the liable party if you are severely injured. New York is one of the states that has No-Fault laws. That means you will generally turn to your own car insurance before you pursue a case against the liable party. Once you pass the threshold of damages, you can file a claim.

Next, we need to determine who was at fault for your case. This will require evidence. If we’re lucky, we can access CCTV footage or dashcam footage to be able to visualize the accident. Often, we rely on witness testimony, photos of the accident, and police reports.

Once we have determined that you have passed the threshold of No-Fault laws and we have evidence to prove who the liable party is, we can determine if you are eligible to file a claim.

What Types of Damages Am I Entitled To?

There are two types of damages that you can receive compensation for. The first are your economic damages and the second are your non-economic damages.

Economic damages will include all of the ways in which you have lost money. You likely have been getting buried in medical bills which can really start to pile up when you are severely injured. You may have also had to miss a lot of work if you are badly hurt. This means you may have missed out on much needed income. Your economic damages will be calculated when we are determining how much compensation you deserve.

Non-economic damages will include all of the ways in which your life has been impacted. Your pain and suffering are a key factor in your non-economic damages. If you have lost quality of your life, that will also be included in your compensation. We fight for every dime of your non-economic damages.

How Does a Car Accident Lawyer Get Justice?

Your lawyer is going to go up against the liable party’s insurance company. The insurance companies notoriously do not want to give you the money that you deserve. Your lawyer is going to be hard on them to force them to get results for you that are full and fair.

Through insurance negotiations with them, they will go back and forth until either they offer you a fair settlement or we have to take them to trial to win a fair settlement for you.

Call a Queens Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you have been seriously hurt in an accident caused by someone else, you deserve full justice for your accident. It can be incredibly difficult to live with the injuries from your car accident. When you are suffering greatly and want the help of a lawyer, please give our office a call. We have been helping our injured community for many years. Get set up with a free consultation today.


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