Common Slip and Fall Accidents

Common Slip and Fall Accidents Queens Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

When you are injured in a slip and fall, it can disrupt your whole life. Sometimes slipping and falling means you embarrass yourself but end up perfectly fine. However, if you are here, you have likely been pretty seriously hurt.

Our Queens injury lawyers are here to help you get the representation you need to get the compensation you deserve. Please keep reading to learn about slips and falls and then get in touch to set up your free consultation.

What if I Slip and Fall at a Friend’s House?

Let’s talk about the makeup of a case like this. In order for you to bring a claim against anyone, this needs to have been an accident on your accord that was made possible by the property owner’s negligence. Whether you got hurt at your best friend’s home or a grocery store, we would need to prove negligence.

Now, you might hesitate to sue your friend. Let’s break down two instances in which people have brought claims after getting hurt at a friend’s home.

Let’s say you’re going over to a friend’s apartment. On the steps, you trip over some loose carpeting and suffer a serious injury. If you brought a claim in this situation, the liable person would be whoever the landlord is for not fixing this tripping hazard.

Your friend would be the liable party if, for instance, you slipped on ice in their driveway and broke a bone. It would have been up to them to maintain their property.

We assure you, even if your friend is liable for the injury, the case is not going to drain their wallets. They pay insurance to cover accidents like this. That is who will cover the costs of your case.

What if I Slip and Fall Out in Public?

If you are anywhere outside of a residence when you get hurt in a slip or trip, then we will be looking into who the property owner is. If you fell at a restaurant, store, school, event center, hotel, etc. the liable party will be whoever is in charge of maintaining the property.

This liable party will be responsible for your injury.

This is not to be confused with people who work at these types of places. For instance, if a worker forgot to put out a wet floor sign, they are not going to be personally responsible for covering your compensation. It will still be the business’s insurance company that covers the cost of your damages.

If you are confused about liability for slip and falls, we would be glad to hear about your story and help you determine who we are bringing your claim against.

Please do not delay action as you do have a three-year time limit to bring your claim against the liable party.

Call Our Queens Injury Attorneys

When you have been seriously hurt in a slip and fall, you deserve full and fair compensation. Do not let the insurance company push you around. Talk to a lawyer right away. We have been handling these types of cases for many years.

Call the office today to get yourself set up with a free first consultation. We will go over the details of your accident and get working on giving you justice as soon as possible.

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