Motorcycle Crash Tips for Full Compensation

Motorcycle Crash Tips for Full Compensation Queens Injury Lawyers

Have you been hurt in a motorcycle crash? The pain and frustration that you are feeling can take over your life. We understand what you are going through, and we want to help you fight to get full compensation from the liable party.

If you want full justice from this accident, please do not wait to call our Queens injury lawyers to set up a free consultation. You are entitled to your damages when someone else’s negligence has left you hurt.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

If you are involved in an accident on your motorcycle, you need to get to an emergency room as soon as you possibly can. Did you know that 45% of motorcycle accidents result in an injury that is worse than a minor injury? That is why so many EMTs will never get on a motorcycle and caution their loved ones against it.

Even minor motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries that can alter your life. If you were not immediately whisked away from the scene in an ambulance, you need to get yourself to the hospital as soon as possible. Your risk of internal bleeding is much higher than that of someone who has been hit in a car or truck.

Without getting yourself to a doctor, you risk worsening your injuries. You also risk making your efforts to get compensation harder. Without proof of treatment, it is difficult to confirm your injuries to the liable party’s insurance company.

Do Not Talk to the Liable Party’s Insurance Company

The last thing you want is to give the liable party’s insurance company an excuse to reduce the amount of money that they are going to give you. You want to get fully compensated for all of your damages. They want to weasel their way out of losing money.

When they reach out to you, they are hoping that they can get you to agree to give them a statement about your motorcycle crash. You do not want to give them a statement. They are trained to get you to say something that would justify them reducing the amount of money they end up giving you. Let your lawyer handle the insurance company.

Call Our Queens Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

You deserve full compensation for all of the damages that you faced in your motorcycle accident. Whether your bike has been totaled, you have been left disabled, or your quality of life has decreased, you deserve compensation for all of it.

Our Queens injury lawyers are dedicated to bringing victims justice after their accidents. Please call our office today to set up your free first consultation.

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