Motorcycle Crash Injury Damages

Motorcycle Crash Injury Damages Queens Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Have you recently suffered a motorcycle crash injury? We are terribly sorry to hear that you are going through this. You deserve justice. To get on track to a full and fair settlement, please give our Queens injury lawyers a call right away. We provide free consultations to get you started.

The Liable Party in My Accident

There is a huge bias against motorcyclists. Many people jump right to blaming a motorcycle crash injury on the cyclist instead of the other driver involved without even knowing details about the accident.

It is an unfortunate truth that motorcycles end up in terrible accidents more often than other vehicles on the road. However, it is not true that motorcyclists are always at fault.

There are several reasons why the liable party would be the other driver or the municipality.

Cars making left turns are one of the biggest reasons for motorcycle crashes. The visibility on the road can affect their ability to see a motorcycle. Going too fast can prevent them from avoiding an accident. Distracted driving is also an incredibly common reason for an accident.

A municipality may be at fault for your accident if your accident was caused by poor road conditions. When there are potholes in the road that are severe enough to throw you from your bike, the city or municipality can be pointed at as the liable party.

We can help you determine who your liable party is when you meet with our lawyer right away for a free consultation.

What Damages Am I Entitled To?

There are two types of motorcycle crash injury damages that you can receive when you file a claim. The first is your economic damages. This is designed to cover all of your financial losses related to your motorcycle accident. That can include your medical bills, lost wages, lost benefits, and property damages to your motorcycle.

The other type of damage is non-economic damage. These include damages like emotional trauma, pain and suffering, loss of normalcy, and loss of life enjoyment. Many people who have been in traumatic accidents suffer from their mental health afterward. Non-economic damages should consider all of the ways your life has been impacted by your accident.

How a Lawyer Can Help Get Justice

It is your lawyer’s job to build a strong case for you. You may not have any evidence collected from the scene of your accident. That’s okay. Your lawyer can obtain evidence on your behalf. They can gain access to CCTV footage, phone records, and vehicle black boxes to help prove that the other driver was liable.

Your lawyer is also going to spend their time and energy going back and forth with the liable party’s insurance through negotiations to fight for a fair settlement offer. If we cannot get you an offer that is fair through negotiations, we can bring your case all the way to trial.

Insurance companies typically want to avoid going to trial because it means it will cost them a lot more money than they want to pay. They don’t want to give you the low settlement offer let alone one that is fair, but we know how to back them into a corner. We don’t give up until we receive the fullest and fairest possible amount for you.

Call Our Queens Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you have suffered a severe motorcycle crash injury, you deserve full justice for your damages. Our Queens injury lawyers have been providing full and fair results for many years. Please set up a free consultation when you give us a call today.

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