Poor Maintenance Causing Bus Accidents

Poor Maintenance Causing Bus Accidents Queens Bus Accident Lawyers

If you have suffered a severe injury in a bus accident that may have been caused by poor maintenance, we can investigate the cause of the accident to get justice from the liable party. Give our Queens bus accident lawyers a call right away to schedule your free consultation.

You Deserve Full Justice

You are entitled to justice if you have been seriously harmed in a bus accident. Our Queens trial lawyers do not settle for low offers from the liable party’s insurance company, and we only want the fullest and fairest amount possible for you.

The case starts with identifying a liable party. In an accident in which poor maintenance caused your bus accident, we require evidence to prove this. As soon as we have enough evidence to point to a responsible party definitively, we pursue their insurance company for your financial compensation.

It takes some negotiating to get insurance companies to do the right thing. They will offer you something initially, and most of the time, that amount is not nearly what you deserve.

We go back and forth with them until they offer you what you deserve. It may even take the threat of going to court for them to come back with a fair settlement offer. That is something we prepare for from the very beginning. Insurance companies do not like dealing with trial lawyers because they know we are willing and able to take them to court to get full justice.

Example of Poor Maintenance Causing a Bus Accident

In 2016, The Associated Press reported a fatal bus accident in which the bus rolled over, resulting in the death of eight people and injuring 44 more people. Upon investigation, the bus was meant to be inspected because of mechanical issues it was experiencing, and the bus had brake issues as well as emergency-exit problems.

When a bus company fails to maintain its vehicles, they become responsible for the damage that people suffer related to this negligence. In the 2016 crash, eight families would have been entitled to wrongful death damages, and 44 people could file claims for personal injury.

If you ever find yourself involved in a bus accident, we urge you to reach out to our Queens bus accident lawyers right away to determine the cause of the accident and help you get justice for your damages.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Along with poor maintenance problems in buses, there are many other reasons why bus accidents occur.

Drivers can be overworked and exhausted, making them a hazard to their passengers and anyone else on the road.

Weather conditions can cause an accident. However, unless negligence is involved in the accident itself, this would not necessarily mean that the municipality is liable for the accident. They would, however, be liable if they failed to salt the road in a proper timeframe.

Road violations by the bus driver or another vehicle on the road can cause an accident. This would warrant a claim for victims to file to receive justice for their damages.

Of course, distracted driving can be the culprit of most auto accidents on the road. Bus drivers typically have strict rules about doing anything while operating the vehicle. That does not mean they were not negligent and decided to ignore those rules. Also, other drivers on the road may cause an accident by texting, eating, drinking, etc.

Call Our Queens Bus Accident Lawyers

If you have been severely injured in a bus accident caused by poor maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact our Queens injury lawyers. You deserve full justice. Call us right away to schedule your free consultation.

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