Uber Car Accident FAQs

Uber Car Accident FAQs Queens Accident Lawyers Free Consultations

If you have been severely injured in an Uber car accident, you likely have a lot of questions. Our Queens rideshare injury lawyers can help you find the answers you are looking for. You deserve justice for your injuries. Please reach out to us right away to set up a free consultation. We are here to fight tirelessly for your full and fair compensation.

Who Pays My Damages?

In an instance of an Uber car accident, determining who the liable party is can be a little tricky. It is your duty as the plaintiff to prove who was responsible for the accident as well as the damages that you suffered because of the liable party’s actions.

If you are in an accident with someone who is working for Uber, you are not going to be able to go after their personal car insurance company for your compensation. In New York State, when you are getting a car insurance policy, they ask if you are going to be using this vehicle for rideshare services. Most policies won’t cover accidents while the vehicle is being used for Uber.

Uber provides their workers with liability insurance. If the driver’s personal car insurance carrier will not accept the claim, Uber’s insurance takes over financial responsibility for the accident.

What Should I Do After the Accident?

After you have been injured in an Uber car accident, you should start by collecting information. Get the names and contact information of everyone involved in the accident. You will want to be able to get ahold of them after the dust settles and everyone leaves the scene of the accident.

You should also collect their insurance information to provide your lawyer when trying to determine who the liable party is.

If you are safely able to, get photos and videos from the scene of the accident. You want enough visual evidence that anyone who wasn’t there could still understand what the entire accident scene looked like. This will be extremely helpful when your lawyer is investigating the accident.

While still on the scene of the accident, call the police to file a report. You will want to get a copy of that police report as soon as you can for use when we are creating your defense.

Can We Go After Uber?

Although the company is well-established, legal issues are still being worked out within the court system. You may want to know if you can sue them directly after being involved in an Uber car accident.

A claim can be challenging to navigate when you are trying to go after Uber directly for your injuries. You may want to point blame at them for the accident, but that is not always going to be the best route if you are looking for justice.

It is important to note that when someone signs on to be an Uber driver, they are not considered an employee of Uber. They are an independent contractor. That helps Uber protect itself against accusations that they are responsible for harm that the drivers cause.

Often, the best way to receive justice is to try to recover a compensation award from their insurance company. Let it be a last resort to try to sue Uber directly.

You are more likely to get what you deserve in compensation if you follow the path of pursuing the insurance company for compensation.

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