How a Dog Attack Can Change Your Life

How a Dog Attack Can Change Your Life Free Consultations

If you have been seriously hurt in a dog attack, you will likely feel the effects of the event long after the day it happens. Dog attacks can have a profound impact on your life. When someone else’s negligence is the reason you were attacked by a dog, we urge you to reach out to our Queens injury lawyers right away. We would be glad to get you set up with a free consultation. You deserve full justice. We know how to win that for you.

Emotional Damages After a Dog Attack

The emotional damage that someone faces after being attacked by a dog is often overlooked. There can be deep psychological wounds associated with the event.

In some cases, people have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which is a mental health condition associated with a traumatic event.

The mental and emotional damages from a dog bite should be fully considered when your compensation award is being calculated.

Physical Damages After a Dog Attack

Being bitten by a dog puts you at risk of getting an infection. Not only could the dog give you rabies, but you could also end up with an infection of the bite wounds themselves. Treating an infection can be very unpleasant.

Your attack can result in scarring and disfigurement which entitles you to substantial compensation if it is in a visible place such as your hands or face.

You may also experience issues with the damage the dog did to you. Dog bites can damage tissue and tendons. It can give you severe injuries.

Get Full Compensation

You deserve to have full compensation for your damages, both emotional and physical. We fight against the liable party’s insurance company to give you the justice that you deserve.

This requires that we determine the liable party. This is typically the dog owner/homeowner. For example, if someone failed to fix their gate, and their dog got out while you were walking by, they would be liable for your damages and injuries.

From there, we will fight against their insurance company to give you the results that you deserve.

Call Our Queens Injury Lawyers Today

If you have been involved in a dog attack and you are seeking justice, look no further than our Queens injury lawyers for help. We have been bringing justice to injured victims for many years. We would be glad to represent you in your pursuit of justice. Please give our office a call right away to set up a free consultation with us right away.

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