Motorcycle Accident Damages: Get Full Justice

Motorcycle Accident Damages Get Full Justice Queens Injury Lawyers

Have you recently been seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident? We know how much this can flip your life upside down. You deserve to have a Queens injury lawyer fight for your rights to full justice. Please keep reading to learn about how we can get you justice for all of your motorcycle accident damages. When you are ready to reach out to a lawyer, call our office to get a free consultation.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Damages

There are two primary types of damages in which you can fight for full compensation. The first is called your economic damages. This has to do with all of the ways this accident has cost you money. You can suffer economic loss if your motorcycle is damaged, you miss out on paychecks, or you have medical bills to pay.

The second type of damage is non-economic damage with have to do with the ways in which your life has been affected. If you have suffered pain and suffering, this will be accounted for in your non-economic damages. They also include things such as loss of life quality and loss of consortium.

Identifying the Liable Party

In order to bring a case for your motorcycle accident damages, we need to figure out who the liable party is. This is the person or people who are responsible for causing the accident.

In most motorcycle accident cases, the liable party is another motorist. There are of course cases in which the motorcyclist is partially or fully responsible for causing the accident.

In a case where you were not at fault or you were only partially at fault, the other motorist is going to bear responsibility for your damages. That means that their insurance company will be facing the financial responsibility for your damages.

Don’t Speak to the Liable Party’s Insurance Company

As mentioned, the party that is responsible for the cost of your motorcycle accident damages is going to be the liable party’s insurance company. This insurance company does not want to give you money. They want to try to dismiss your claim. Seeking a recorded statement from you is one of the tactics they use to try to throw away your case or try to reduce the money they owe you.

We strongly advise against talking to their insurance company if you want to be able to collect the fullest amount of compensation possible. You can rely on your lawyer to communicate with the insurance company. They will protect your rights.

Call Our Queens Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

We encourage you to call to set up a free consultation with our Queens injury lawyers as soon as possible. In NYS, you are given three years from the date of the accident in order to be able to receive compensation for your motorcycle accident damages. When you are ready to get started, please give our office a call. We would be happy to get you scheduled right away.

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