Queens Construction Accident Attorney Explains Construction Site Injuries

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Queens Construction Accident Attorney Explains Construction Site Injuries

The safety and wellbeing of employees should be at the forefront of every construction business and is critical for building trust with an employer. An accident on the construction site can jeopardize a worker’s ability to maintain a steady income and provide for their loved ones for the rest of their lives. Even minor injuries can cause major complications depending on the type of construction accident you may have experienced. There are numerous liability issues when it comes to construction accident lawsuits, and causes can range from negligence and hazardous conditions to willful misconduct and breach of care by your employer. An experienced Queens construction accident attorney at Shaevitz & Shaevitz can represent workers who have been injured on the job and are seeking compensation for their claims. A construction site injury can lead to difficult times ahead, so what are some of the major questions you will have while navigating an uncertain future? Keep reading as our Queens construction accident lawyers answer some of the most common construction site injury questions.

Should I hire an Attorney?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency that creates and enforces workplace safety regulations. In a 2019 report, OSHA stated three out of ten most frequently cited violations were from the construction industry. That means that employers were cited with failures to provide adequate and safe working conditions or materials to their employees.

There are several qualifying factors to construction accidents apart from employer negligence. Throughout any given day, workers rely on a duty of care from multiple parties, including equipment manufacturers, electricians, general contractors, engineers and architects, and site owners. With proper examination, an attorney can determine who was at fault for your accident and make sure you recover much-needed expenses for medical bills, lost wages, compensation, and more.

Construction Site Responsibilities and Statistics as explained by Queens Construction Accident Attorney

Under OSHA Worker Rights and Protections, employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace. The following is a summary of a few key employer responsibilities:

  • Provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards and comply with standards, rules, and regulations issued under the OSH Act.
  • Examine workplace conditions to make sure they conform to applicable OSHA standards.
  • Make sure employees have and use safe tools and equipment and properly maintain this equipment.
  • Use color codes, posters, labels, or signs to warn employees of potential hazards.
  • Establish or update operating procedures and communicate them so that employees follow safety and health requirements.

According to the National Safety Council, one worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. The following are construction industry statistics that Queens construction accident lawyers fight against every day:

  • A study by OSHA found that one in five deaths among U.S. workers was from the construction industry.
  • In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a total of 1,061 deaths amongst construction workers. In 2018 they reported over 195,000 injuries in the construction industry.
  • Among most major accidents, falls were responsible for approximately 33% of all construction deaths, and eliminating this hazard could potentially save over 300 workers annually.

Proper legal representation can help you file a complaint with OSHA and require a thorough inspection of the workplace to promote a safe working environment for all employees in the future. If you have already filed a complaint and are being retaliated against by your employer, Queens construction accident lawyers Shaevitz & Shaevitz can help you file a claim. Remember, employers are not allowed to fire, demote, or retaliate for your complaint.

Construction Site Injuries and Queens Construction Accident Attorney

Depending on the injuries you or a loved one have sustained, you may be wondering if this was just a rare occurrence, and whether or not you will be better soon enough to get back out into the field. Serious and even fatal accidents occur in all professions, but it is up to your employer and their agents to keep you and your coworkers safe.

Not reporting an incident to OSHA, or allowing hazardous conditions to continue, could have a major effect on your future and wellbeing. Common construction site injuries include broken bones, loss of limbs and appendages, severe neck and spine injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns, electrocutions, and death.

What Should I Do if I Have Been Injured on a Construction Site?

First things first, seek immediate medical attention. Taking care of yourself is the number one priority for yourself, your loved ones, and your future.

Second, make sure to get names and contacts for any witnesses or anyone else involved in the accident. This will make certain the investigation has its best possible outcome for your case.

Third, aside from reporting your accident to your employer, make sure not to give any written or recorded statements before first contacting Queens construction accident lawyers. Let us do a thorough investigation and leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Construction site injuries can be a difficult time for you and your family. You will undoubtedly have questions as the days go by without the ability to work and as the bills start piling in. Hiring Queens construction accident lawyers Shaevitz & Shaevitz can help put your mind at ease and give you access to professional knowledge about your legal rights to pursue compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and more.

With over 65 years of experience helping injured victims and their families, and over $500 million awarded in verdicts and settlements, you can count on our team of professionals to get you back on track. The call and consultation are free, and we never collect a fee unless we can recover for you. Let the Queens injury attorneys at Shaevitz & Shaevitz guide you through the difficult process of getting your life back. The peace of mind to you and your family, knowing that you are being provided the best legal advice and guidance for your specific circumstances will ease the burden of these stressful times.

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