Queens Rollover Accident Attorney Explains How to Handle Rollover Accident

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What to do if you end up in a Rollover Accident

A rollover accident is any type of vehicle accident where the vehicle rolls upside down or onto its side. This can be caused by collision with other vehicles, or when the vehicle rolls over on its own. This can happen when a car slips on something or takes a sharp turn at a high velocity. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 2,498 people died in 2019 because of rollovers. Rollover accidents have an increased potential for death because they are more dangerous than other types of accidents. If you are in a rollover accident in Queens, contact a Queens rollover accident attorney as soon as possible.

What to do in a Rollover Accident?

Rollover truck or car accidents are scary events. When your car is upside down, it can be difficult to gather your bearings and figure out what to do. If you ever find yourself in a rollover accident, here’s what you should do.

Step 1: Remain Calm and get in touch with Queens Rollover Accident Attorney

This may sound like a silly thing to do, but it is so important that you get yourself together and remain calm so that you can assess your injuries and figure out your next course of action. If you do sustain injuries, you may want to contact a Queens rollover accident attorney. The car accident attorneys at Shaevitz & Shaevitz have over 65 years of experience helping injured victims and their families with over $500 million in recoveries over the years.

Step 2: Turn of the Engine

If it is safe to do so and you are physically capable, turn off your car’s engine as soon as you can. Upside down engines can lead to fuel leaks and can increase the chance of fire or explosions.

Step 3: Exit the Vehicle and contact Queens Rollover Accident Attorney

Exiting the vehicle can be a very scary experience in a rollover. In order to exit the vehicle, make sure to brace yourself for impact when you hit the ground. Calmly brace yourself and unbuckle your seatbelt so that it releases you to the ceiling of your car. This can be dangerous, especially if you are already injured, so make sure to do this carefully and prepare for landing.

Next, you need to look for an exit. This may be an open window or the door next to you. If you are unable to open the door or the window is shut, you may have to find a way to break the window to make your escape. Be careful to avoid glass if you do so and to get out of the vehicle safely.

Step 4: Avoid Oncoming Traffic / Stay Safe

Many people come out relatively uninjured from rollover accidents only to be hit by oncoming and unsuspecting traffic. Once you exit the vehicle, make sure that you are in a safe and secure area so that you do not get injured further.

When you are capable, you should assist other passengers in getting out of the vehicle safely. Make sure you are aware of their injuries and that you do not injure them further.

Once everyone is safe, call the police so that you can receive assistance and medical attention.

If you are in a rollover accident near Queens, you may want to contact a Queens rollover accident attorney. Shaevitz & Shaevitz is a group of New York injury attorneys who have over 65 years of experience and are dedicated to helping you get the most compensation for your injuries. Plus, we offer free consultations and require no fees unless we recover compensation for you. If you are looking for a dedicated Queens rollover accident attorney, we are the company for you.

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