Queens Car Crash Attorney Explains How To Help Prevent Car Accidents

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 36,096 deaths in 2019 from motor vehicle crashes. There are also more than 2 million people injured each year in motor vehicles accidents (CDC). These are significant numbers so car crashes are definitely something that everyone should be prepared for and something everyone should work to prevent. If you are involved in a car crash in New York, you should consider contacting a Queens car crash attorney to help understand your rights and obligations under the law. Keep reading to learn how you can help prevent car accidents from occurring.

Keep Your Distance

Queens Car Crash Attorney Auto Accident Lawyers Shaevitz & Shaevitz When you are operating a motor vehicle, it is very important that you do not drive too close to other cars. If the car in front of you were to stop abruptly or have to act quickly, you need room to react appropriately. One recommendation is to stay at least 1 car space away from the car in front of you for every 10 miles per hour you are driving. If you are driving at a speed of 60 mph, it is a good idea to stay at least 6 car lengths away from the other vehicle to give yourself sufficient time to react.

Never Drive While Intoxicated

Unfortunately, our Queens car accident attorney handles accidents involving drunk drivers all the time. Driving while intoxicated is an obvious thing that no one should do under any circumstances. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. involve drunk drivers. Driving under the influence is no joke, so if you plan on drinking for the night, it is important that you call a ride to pick you up or have a designated driver that can get you home safely.

Stay Aware and Avoid Distractions

Being distracted is never a good idea while driving. Driving, especially at high speeds, can be a dangerous act, and missing even a second of your surroundings can lead to the death of you or someone else. Distracted driving claimed over 3,000 lives in the U.S. in 2019. This includes using your phone while driving, fiddling with the stereo, looking at the navigation, eating or drinking, and more. You also should not drive if you are too sick or tired to be fully aware. If you are behind the wheel, make sure that you are fully conscious of your environment and you avoid any unnecessary distractions. If you do fall victim to outside distractions and end up in a car accident, you should consider calling a Queens car crash attorney.

Pay Attention to the Weather

The weather can change unexpectedly and can make driving much more difficult, especially if you live in a place that gets snow. If it is raining, snowy, or extra windy, make sure that you reduce your speed so that you can be prepared for any surprises during your drive. During excessive rain, you may need to avoid deep puddles and slow down to avoid hydroplaning or losing traction on the road. Snow can cause black ice and slippery areas, making accidents more likely and the roads more dangerous.

Don’t Speed

Speeding contributed to 26% of traffic deaths in 2019 so should not be taken likely. Speeding gives you less time to react to things going on around you, so it is much easier to get into an accident. Whether you are in a rush to work, late to a meeting, or need to pick up your kid, speeding is never a good idea. It can lead to the death of you and others around you, which is much worse than being late to your event.

Schedule A Free Consultation With An Experienced Queens Car Crash Attorney

Car crashes are scary events, and even if you follow all the rules and are a perfect driver, you are likely to still get into a car accident at some point in your life. If you are a part of a car accident in New York, contact Shaevitz & Shaevitz for a Queens car accident attorney near you. Our New York Injury Attorneys have 65 years of proven experience, offer free consultations, and charge no fees unless we recover compensation for you. If you would like to get in touch with a Queens car crash attorney near you today, call us at (718) 291-3400 or fill out our contact form online.



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