Subway Injury Lawyers Explain All You Need to Know About Subway Accidents in New York City

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Subway Injury Lawyers Explain All You Need to Know About Subway Accidents in New York City

Over 4.3 million people ride New York’s subway system per day at a fare of $2 per ride. The subway is one of the easiest, most convenient methods of transportation for locals and tourists alike due to its accessibility. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are injured or killed on the subway systems each year. Our subway accident lawyers at Shaevitz & Shaevitz are ready to fight for you if you find yourself in an accident and are searching for legal representation. We offer free consultations, and with over 65 years of experience, we know how to negotiate claims on your behalf. Without an experienced personal injury attorney, you could lose money trying to argue with insurance companies, who often try to minimize your claims to avoid payout. In 2018, the New York Times reported there were 900 incidents involving people standing on the tracks or getting too close to them. And even as the pandemic lowered ridership on subways in 2020, dozens were killed. In total, 158 people were struck by subways, with 58 fatalities, according to the state’s Metro Transit Authority (MTA). Of those people, 32 people jumped in front of a train or stood on the tracks awaiting one in an attempt to commit suicide. Incidents like this, whether intentional or not, can result in a lot of stress. Whether you’re a patron of the subways, or a subway operator who has been at the helm during someone’s suicide attempt, our subway injury lawyers can represent your claim and give you the support you need.

Here are a few causes of subway incidents as explained by subway injury lawyers

  • Lack of maintenance: Some subway lines aren’t properly maintained and miss repair deadlines, which can lead to functional errors and increase the chance of injury for passengers.
  • Operational mistakes: If a subway operator is distracted, or does not have enough experience, accidents can happen and put hundreds of people at risk. A claim for negligence can be made in these scenarios.
  • Criminal activity: The New York subways can be extremely dangerous in certain burroughs for lone passengers, especially late at night. Murders and rapes are up from previous years, according to local news reports.
  • High speeds: Sometimes subway operators speed up to account for lost time if they are behind schedule. But this can put people at risk and cause injuries when coming to a stop. Subways need to operate within MTA’s regulations to ensure safety.
  • Slipping or falling: These kinds of accidents may be unavoidable in crowded spaces, but when negligence is at play, you could be compensated for any medical expenses if the MTA or another party is found responsible.

What you should do if you want to sue the MTA

You have the right to sue the MTA if you believe they are responsible for your accident, and the sooner you file a claim, the more time our subway injury lawyers can put together a case for you. In the state of New York, lawsuits against the MTA or a subway operator must be filed within three months of the incident. This step is crucial. If it is not done within that time frame, the case won’t be heard in court. If you were seriously injured, be sure to collect all medical bills and paperwork to present to our attorneys, which can be used as evidence. Any eyewitness testimonies and photographs will help our subway injury attorneys create a strong claim for you and ensure the best chance of receiving your compensation.

Experiencing a traumatic accident such as a subway incident can be life changing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our attorneys for a free consultation so we can explore ways to assist you.

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