Can I Sue The MTA?

If you’ve been injured on public transit in New York, you are entitled to recover compensation from the MTA for their negligence. Watch this video by experienced New York injury attorney Mark Shaevitz to learn more about your rights if you’ve been injured riding public transit.

Yes, you can and actually it is MTA that covers trains and buses. Those are either owned by the City of New York if you happen to be injured in the City of New York or if you’re injured in Nassau County, The County of Nassau or Suffolk County, the County of Suffolk.

The MTA is a public benefit corporation that operates subways, Metro-North Railroad, and LIRR. The MTA claim process is complicated and places a high burden on injured passengers to act quickly after their injury.

A claim against Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) must be filed within 90 days of the accident. An experienced accident lawyer at Shaevitz & Shaevitz can help you meet any deadlines or statutes of limitations in your case.

If you are wanting to sue the MTA, contact us today to arrange a free consultation and let our 65+ years of experience work for you.

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