How Do Bus Accident Injury Claims Work?

If you’ve been injured while riding on a bus in New York, it’s important to know your rights. Watch this video by experienced New York injury attorney Eric Shaevitz to learn who is responsible for providing no-fault benefits for your injuries after a bus accident.

If you are involved in an accident while riding on the bus, the no-fault benefits are only paid by the bus you are riding if you do not own a car or live with the relative who owns a car, it is a strange law.

If you are in your car, the insurance of the car you are in pays the no-fault benefits, but if you are on a bus and you own a car or live with a relative who owns a car the bus does not pay the no-fault benefits.

When you’re suffering with injuries and trauma related to a bus accident and you’re stressed about medical bills and an inability to work, the last thing you need it to deal with crafty insurance companies or municipalities trying to use any little thing you say to weasel out of paying your claim.

The dedicated bus accident attorneys at Shaevitz & Shaevitz are more than capable of dealing with unscrupulous insurance providers and municipalities on your behalf so you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the maximum compensation you deserve.

We minimize your stress and provide peace of mind so you can focus on the important task of recovering and regaining your life following a serious bus accident.

Contact us today to arrange a free confidential consultation with a dedicated New York bus accident attorney. Let our 65+ years of experience handling bus accident injury claims work for you.

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