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Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Jamaica, NY

When you are working at a job, you believe that you are reasonably safe while in the workplace. You believe that your supervisor, and the company you work for has done everything possible to see to it that hazards are kept to a minimum or eliminated entirely. However, accidents on the job happen frequently and the resulting accidents often require extensive medical care and leave the injured with time off of work and lost wages, or even permanently disabled.


Workers’ compensation exists to provide financial restitution to people who are injured at work for the costs of their medical bills and lost wages. However, obtaining workers compensation when you have been involved in an on the job accident can be a lot more difficult than it seems. Many companies don’t want to award injured employees with workers’ compensation, and will attempt to suggest that the employee was not eligible for workers’ compensation for one reason or another.


If you were injured at work, being able to take time to heal and get back on your feet as well as continue providing for your family requires that you be awarded workers’ compensation. Shaevitz, Shaevitz and Kotzamanis are seasoned attorneys who understand the law surrounding workers compensation and we’ll apply our skills and resources to your case as soon as we begin consulting with you.


With extensive experience in representing clients who have been injured on the job and their families, we can increase the chances that you will win a substantial settlement.


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