What To Do After A Dog Bite

If you were bit by a dog in New York, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Watch this video by experienced New York dog bite attorney Mark Shevitz to find out who is responsible for providing compensation for your injuries in a dog bite case.

If you get bit by a dog, then you have a qualified dog bite injury case. What we do when investigating a dog bite case is we look to see who the owner of the dog is, and what type of insurance coverage they may have.

Homeowner’s insurance policies all cover dog bites. Sometimes also when it’s a renter, they have renter’s insurance that would cover attacks by a dog.

The insurance company of the owner of the dog covers the dog bite claim. It is never a homeowner’s own policy for the own home they reside in, that does not cover injuries in a dog bite case. It’s only the owner of the animal itself.

With a seasoned injury attorneys like Shaevitz & Shaevitz on your side, you can fight to prove owner liability and secure the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and other costs.

When you’re coping with pain, emotional trauma, and recovery following a dog bite incident, let our qualified lawyers square off against negligent owners and ruthless insurance companies to ensure the financial recovery you deserve, so you can get on with your life.

If you’ve been attacked by a dog in New York, contact Shaevitz & Shaevitz to arrange a free consultation with our experienced dog bite lawyers. We will fight to help you obtain the maximum compensation for your injury.

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