Informed Consent in Medical Malpractice Cases

If you’ve been injured by a medical professional due to their negligence, you may be entitled to collect compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Watch this video by experienced New York medical malpractice attorney Mark Shaevitz to learn more about your rights.

Any medical procedure requires the patient to sign a form that states they are aware of the possible complications.

This does not absolve a doctor of negligent acts. Even if you sign a waiver, if a doctors negligence causes you a sever and permanent injury, you are entitled to collect for medical malpractice.

The time limit is 2 and a half years when it’s a doctor privately employed. If it is a doctor employed by The City of New York, there is a 90-day time limit to file a claim.

A qualified medical malpractice attorney can help you determine who is at fault for your injury in order to secure the compensation you’re due. This could include payment for actual expenses like medical bills and lost wages, if you’re unable to work temporarily or permanently as a result of the injury.  It may also include compensation for non-monetary damages like pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love was injured due to the negligence of a medical professional in New York, contact us today to arrange a free consultation to learn about informed consent and medical malpractice. Let our 65+ years of experience work for you.

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