Do Warning Signs Impact Slip & Fall Cases?

Were you injured in a slip and fall in New York and have questions about whether the presence of a warning sign or “wet floor” sign can negatively impact your case? Watch this video by New York injury attorney Mark Shaevitz to learn about premises liability rights.

Whether or not you have claim for a slip and fall injury depends on any negligence on the part of owner of that property and / or structure. Just the fact that someone posts a sign, or a warning does not absolve the owner of the property of negligence.

If they are negligent of upkeeping that property, even if they have a sign, like on ski lift ticket that says they are responsible; they may still be responsible for your injuries in that situation.

Property owners are typically responsible for maintaining a safe environment on their property or warning visitors of hazards.  This is generally true for homeowners, landlords, business owners, and even government agencies.

If property owners are negligent in their duties and a slip and fall accident occurs as a result, they can be held liable, and we can help them obtain compensation.

If you or someone you love was injured in a slip and fall accident in New York, contact an injury attorney at Shaevitz & Shaevitz for a free consultation. Even if there are warning signs, you may still be able to recover compensation for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation today and let our experience work for you.

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