Pedestrian Accident Claim vs. Car Accident Claims

Were you injured as a pedestrian in New York and have questions about how pedestrian accident cases differ from automobile accident cases? Watch this video by experienced New York injury attorney Eric Shaevitz as he discusses the differences between a pedestrian accident claim and a car accident claim. 

The only difference between a pedestrian accident as opposed to a two car accident, is the insurance of the car that hits the pedestrian pays everything. It pays the no fault benefits and the pain and suffering.

In a two car accident no fault benefits are paid by the car you are in, the property damage and the pain and suffering are paid for by car that caused the accident.

If you or someone you love was injured in New York as a pedestrian, contact Shaevitz & Shaevitz today to arrange a free consultation to discuss your pedestrian accident claim.

At Shaevitz & Shaevitz, our goal is always to help you recover maximum compensation, even if you’re deemed partially responsible for a pedestrian accident.

Remember that New York observes comparative negligence, which means that multiple parties can be assigned liability and be required to cover a percentage of compensation claims.  Even if you’re partly to blame, you may still be eligible for some compensation, which we can help you to claim.

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